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Two Shared Bunk Compared: Ubud Market Hostel and Hostel Ubud

In the last couple of trips for business, I choose to stay at room with shared bunk. In this kind of room, I basically rent a bed instead of whole room, and got to share the room with some other people. Because of this, the price per night is very cheap. Both hostel compared here cost around 100.000 rupiah (Less than US$ 10 with today’s rate).

Both are basically pretty good, clean, and could be alternative in case the other is full. Read on to see more detail on how Ubud Market Hostel and Hostel Ubud compared to each other, or scroll to the bottom for short summary.


Both Ubud Market Hostel and Hostel Ubud are located close to each other. Both are also right at the heard of Ubud, some 5 minutes walking from Ubud Palace and Ubud Market

Hostel Ubud is easier to find, as it is located on Jalan Dewi Sita, right across the soccer field. The Bamboo Restaurant which is located at the ground floor also help to find the place.

Hostel Ubud Signage
Bamboo Restaurant at Jalan Dewi Sita. Hostel Ubud is located at the 2nd floor

In comparison, Ubud Market Hostel is located slightly into the small road in front of Tut Mak. They also have small marker situated high above the road that make it even more challenging to spot.

Ubud Market Hostel Signage
Ubud Market Hostel, with the signage on the top right corner

Hostel Reception

Reception Area
Cozy reception area of Hostel Ubud

I arrived at Ubud Market Hostel around 11pm at night. Tired after a long day, it took me a while to find the reception, as the desk is not manned.

In contrast, I arrived at Hostel Ubud at 1am due to flight delays. The reception is well manned, and they set me up pretty quick.  Hostel Ubud did better than Ubud Market Hostel.

Hostel Ubud also has a more comfortable reception area, as shown in the picture.


Hostel Ubud has only 1 bedroom for 20 people. The room is not equipped with Air Conditioner. If you are prone to feel hot at night, pick the top bed to be closer to ceiling fan

Two Hostel Compared
The bunk compared. To the left is Hostel Ubud, and to the right is Ubud Market Hostel

Ubud Market Hostel perform better in this aspect. Its room cater for 6 people, with full wall between beds to ensure privacy. The room is also equipped with Air Conditioner, cloth hanger, and extra space to put your stuff and charge your electronics.

Both hostel have lockable storage available free of charge.  Both require Rp. 50.000 deposit, which will be refunded when you returned the locker’s key

Bathroom and Toilet

Both hostel provide separate area for shower, toilet and wash room. The showers in both hostel are also equipped with hot water. In term of cleanliness, both hostel showers and toilets are clean enough.

Hostel Ubud provide 2 shower areas, 3 toilets and 2 wash sink to be shared with 20 people. Ubud Market Hostel provide 1 shower, 1 toilets and 1 wash sink to be shared with 6 people. Despite the difference in the ratio, I didn’t ever need to queue while staying at both places.


With the location within few meters, and price range around Rp. 100.000, both Hostel Ubud and Ubud Market Hostel are good value for money. However, I’m like Hostel Ubud a little bit more than Ubud Market Hostel for the following reasons:

  • Hostel Ubud is easier to find at night. Due to location on the main road, it also has more parking space for motorcycle
  • Hostel Ubud reception staff was ready at 1am to receive me
  • Bamboo restaurant at the 1st floor is handy for breakfast
  • Better view from 2nd floor to the football field

Have you stayed in any or both of the hostel? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Fantuzzi at Jazz Cafe, Ubud

Jazz Cafe Ubud, Bali has been my favorite place to watch live music in a more intimate manner. I wish someday Incognito will play here, but for the moment, I’m quite happy to watch Fantuzzi, the demonic reggae singer playing at Jazz Cafe.

That night, Fantuzzi charmed the whole audience of Jazz Cafe Ubud into dancing with them. Reggae music roared as people started dancing, in combination with high pitched instrument.

The Dancing Floor

At several point in time, Fantuzzi invited several guest artist to play and sing with them on the stage. First, there were a rap singer, singing as interlude in the reggae song. It was beautiful, and provoked more people to join the dance crowd.

But, the guest artist that catch most of my attention was the bald guitarist. He immersed himself into the beat so much, playing and moving his body so fast to be captured by camera.

Immersed in The Bead

If you are curious about Fantuzzi’s music, check them out at their website Fantuzzi Music. If you really want to be charmed by their music, I would highly suggest you to come to their performance.

Or at least, check out one of their performance in Youtube below

This post is made in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Hotel Review: Nick's Pension Ubud, Bali

This Hotel has 2 entrance, one facing Jl. Bisma (Bisma Gate), and the other one going through small alley facing Jl. Monkey Forest (Monkey Forest Gate). Both Gate has the reception, so it doesn’t really matter where do you check in. The Monkey Forest Gate is much closer to the crowd, but if you drive your own car or motorbike, you can only park them at Bisma Gate.

We arrived at Bisma Gate at around 7pm. Check-in was a breeze, having booked ourself through Agoda just 2 nights before. After some formalities, a bell boy took our luggage and took us through a dark slippery path to our room. “Bad choice”, we whisper to each other as we walk between fields to a stairs after another. Continue reading Hotel Review: Nick's Pension Ubud, Bali