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The Beach Reflection

With black instead of white sands, Parangtritis beach in South Yogyakarta might not qualify as picture perfect beach. It is also a bit dirty from natural and human made garbage. However, the gentle sloped beach allows the wave and surf to reach quite far inland, washing away some garbage. And in the perfect evening sunlight, the sea water turns the black sands into a mirror.

Beach Reflection

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Pine Forest of Bantul, Yogyakarta

Just in case you are wondering, the picture below is not some fungi viewed through a microscope.

Not Under Microscope

It is actually the peak of Pine Tree, pictured from its base on the ground.

Tall Pine Trees

The Pine Forest (in Bahasa Indonesia: Hutan Pinus) of Yogyakarta is located in Bantul, around 1 hour driving from Keraton (Palace). It has been lately major destination for people who just want to chill out, visitors who want to take good selfies, and amateur as well as professional photographers who do photo sessions, including pre-wedding.

And finally, just to give some perspective on how tall those Pine Trees are, look at the background of our picture below. Beware of falling pine.

Us and Pine Tree

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The Spirit Lake Kelimutu

Where does the spirit go when people passed away? That is the question that any civilization on Earth has. The people on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, has an answer: They are all go to Lake Kelimutu

The Changing Color of Lake

Lake Kelimutu is actually 3 lakes, formed by ancient volcanic activity. Each lake has different colors, which changes every several years. The scientific explanation of this change of colors is geological activity that is still happening beneath the lake. So, if you are here, don’t be surprised if you found lakes with different colors

But to locals, the spirit of the dead will end up in one of the 3 lakes.

Lake of Good Spirit

Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, the first lake, is where the spirit of good young men and women will go when they died.

Lake of the Evil

Tiwu Ata Polo is for the spirit of men and women who were evil during their life. I think it is comparable to the concept of hell in western culture. It is located just next to the lake for the good, separated by rather thin wall.

Lake of Old People

Tiwu Ata Mbupu is where the final resting place for the spirit of old men and women.

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Fantuzzi at Jazz Cafe, Ubud

Jazz Cafe Ubud, Bali has been my favorite place to watch live music in a more intimate manner. I wish someday Incognito will play here, but for the moment, I’m quite happy to watch Fantuzzi, the demonic reggae singer playing at Jazz Cafe.

That night, Fantuzzi charmed the whole audience of Jazz Cafe Ubud into dancing with them. Reggae music roared as people started dancing, in combination with high pitched instrument.

The Dancing Floor

At several point in time, Fantuzzi invited several guest artist to play and sing with them on the stage. First, there were a rap singer, singing as interlude in the reggae song. It was beautiful, and provoked more people to join the dance crowd.

But, the guest artist that catch most of my attention was the bald guitarist. He immersed himself into the beat so much, playing and moving his body so fast to be captured by camera.

Immersed in The Bead

If you are curious about Fantuzzi’s music, check them out at their website Fantuzzi Music. If you really want to be charmed by their music, I would highly suggest you to come to their performance.

Or at least, check out one of their performance in Youtube below

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