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The Spirit Lake Kelimutu

Where does the spirit go when people passed away? That is the question that any civilization on Earth has. The people on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, has an answer: They are all go to Lake Kelimutu

The Changing Color of Lake

Lake Kelimutu is actually 3 lakes, formed by ancient volcanic activity. Each lake has different colors, which changes every several years. The scientific explanation of this change of colors is geological activity that is still happening beneath the lake. So, if you are here, don’t be surprised if you found lakes with different colors

But to locals, the spirit of the dead will end up in one of the 3 lakes.

Lake of Good Spirit

Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, the first lake, is where the spirit of good young men and women will go when they died.

Lake of the Evil

Tiwu Ata Polo is for the spirit of men and women who were evil during their life. I think it is comparable to the concept of hell in western culture. It is located just next to the lake for the good, separated by rather thin wall.

Lake of Old People

Tiwu Ata Mbupu is where the final resting place for the spirit of old men and women.

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Fantuzzi at Jazz Cafe, Ubud

Jazz Cafe Ubud, Bali has been my favorite place to watch live music in a more intimate manner. I wish someday Incognito will play here, but for the moment, I’m quite happy to watch Fantuzzi, the demonic reggae singer playing at Jazz Cafe.

That night, Fantuzzi charmed the whole audience of Jazz Cafe Ubud into dancing with them. Reggae music roared as people started dancing, in combination with high pitched instrument.

The Dancing Floor

At several point in time, Fantuzzi invited several guest artist to play and sing with them on the stage. First, there were a rap singer, singing as interlude in the reggae song. It was beautiful, and provoked more people to join the dance crowd.

But, the guest artist that catch most of my attention was the bald guitarist. He immersed himself into the beat so much, playing and moving his body so fast to be captured by camera.

Immersed in The Bead

If you are curious about Fantuzzi’s music, check them out at their website Fantuzzi Music. If you really want to be charmed by their music, I would highly suggest you to come to their performance.

Or at least, check out one of their performance in Youtube below

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The Traveler Message Board

Traveler Message Board

There are something romantic looking at the message board, filled with letter, message or photo from traveler passing by. The photo above is from Betel Box Hostel, Singapore.

In the old days, during the early days of backpacking, this is the only way to communicate with fellow backpackers on the road. People would leave a message for their friends who was few days behind, note of interesting place to see, or danger to be avoided.

These kind of message boards have been mostly replaced by email and mobile phone. However, there are seems to be place who provide such message board like Betel Box, just for the romance, and for the sake of old days.

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Symmetric Circle of Melbourne Central

Me and my mom was taking shelter from scorching Melbourne’s Summer in Australia. It was December, and the temperature was, I think, peaking at 40 degree Celsius. And not only that. The wind also blowing hard. I remember the experience as walking towards someone turning on a hair dryer to you.

We walk into nearest shopping mall that we can find, Melbourne Central.  It has a glass roof with circular steel frame on the top, giving a natural sunlight to light up the mall instead of using artificial light.

Roof of Melbourne Central

From outside of Melbourne Central, the roof looks like a glass cone. And for me, when I see something like a cone, my imagination bring me to some old castle somewhere in the middle of Europe. Although, when Melbourne Central’s cone is combined with the rest of its architectural design, it barely resemble European castle

There are nothing else more perfect than eating Ice Cream on a hot sunny day, without the hot air blowing in front of your face.

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