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Sultan Ahmed Mosque of Istanbul (Blue Mosque)

Inside the Blue Mosque

The nickname of Blue Mosque originated from the blue hue of sunlight coming from its windows. Unless you look up, you will be deceived by the red color of the carpet.

The official name of Blue Mosque of Istanbul is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built by Sultan Ahmed I in 1600s, and serve as place to pray, as well as symbol of power of Ottoman Empire.

The Blue Mosque is still functioning as Mosque today. Men still come to pray 5 times a day, and also for the Friday Prayer.

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Not so Royal Seal Anymore

Former Seal of the Sultan

The inscription above is the seal of the Sultan of Ottoman Empire, or Tughra. Each Sultan has its own Tughra, but generally follow the same pattern as in the picture. The symbol is actually the Sultan’s name, written in a beautiful calligraphy. Each line depicts one or more words, as seen in below animation.

Baba66, Tugra Mahmuds II, CC BY-SA 3.0

You will find a lot of different Tughra in Topkapi Palace, the palace of Ottoman Empire. Nowadays, I think the symbol is used as the mark of Ottoman Empire and Turkey in general, just like the restaurant where we ate.

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