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Hotel Review: Novilla Boutique Resort, Sungai Liat

“We are moving out of this hotel”, Grace said, cutting short the plan of 3 night stays, and leave us on the hunt for place to stay tonight. Browsing through list of hotels in the area, we end up at Novilla Boutique Resort at Sungai Liat, 45 minutes to the north from Pangkal Pinang.

Sungai Liat, where Novilla is located, is around 1 hour from the airport of Depati Amir, Bangka. Novilla Boutique Resort features hotel, several function halls, and 2 art deco mansion. During our stay, there are a corporate event using 2 of the smaller hall. At the back of the hotel is swimming pool, children playground and estuary build into fishing area.

Swimming pool and one of the mansion

What I Like
The estuary behind Novilla Boutique Resort make a great place for morning jog. Each loop is 310 meters, passing through the open water and the fishing area. Facing to the east, early morning people will be welcomed with a beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise welcome me as I jog around the estuary

Novilla’s proximity to the main road also worth to mention. Novilla is located some 200 meters from the main road of Sungai Liat-Belinyu. And if you walk another 300 meter toward Belinyu, you will find Neo Raja Laut, a must eat seafood restaurant if you stay at Sungai Liat.

And if you drive 5 minutes towards Pangkal Pinang, there are a coffee shop called Tung Tau on the right. Open for business since 1938, it always stays in the same location in the corner. We love the bread very much, a home made one, that we come back here almost everyday.

What Can Be Improved
The hotel building that we stayed has 5 floors and no elevator! Elevator would definitely a big improvement to this hotel.

Another improvement area would be selection of breakfast. I still believe that hotel breakfast is the righht place to introduce local food, and Novilla should definitely include local food in their breakfast, in addition to standard bread and cereal. What about serving a Pan Tiau?

Breakfast at Novilla is sure good after a morning jog. But would be better with more local variety. From left clockwise: fried banana with coffee, chicken porridge and meehon with chicken nugget

Booking tips: order at least 1 day in advance via booking.com or agoda to get highher discount (40% from price list)

Website: http://novillaboutiqueresort.com/
Address: Jl. Laut, Kampung Pasir Sungailiat, Bangka Indonesia
Phone: +62 (717) 92535