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The Bamboo of Linda Garland Estate (Panchoran Retreat) Ubud

It took us a while to find this place, Linda Garland Estate, or more known by the locals as Panchoran Retreat. After passing a housing complex in Ubud, and asking several people, we arrived and park our car in front of bamboo fence. We walked through a small bamboo gate, and greeted by a Balinese Lady: “Welcome to Panchoran Retreat”.

Made, the name of the lady, took us to a walk through a vast green filled with one Gazebo and a Minangkabau-style Rice Barn. Along the way, she explains about the estate. “We have 5 Villa available for rent. All of them is privately owned, and individually designed to suite the taste of the owner. The first 3 is owned by Linda Garland herself, while the rest is owned by her acquaintance”

Made took us through another gate to a denser area with bamboo trees. Not far behind is the first villa, made almost entirely from wood. Pointing to the left, Made show us a swimming pool. It is hidden well behind the trees, which keep it cool even in a very hot Bali sun.

Can You Spot the Swimming Pool?

Being owned by same person, there are some similarities among the first 3 houses. It was all built with wood, featuring a big bedroom and outdoor naturalist bathroom. Each design cleverly use the natural light and the sloping landscape of Tjampuhan riverbank, featuring multiple terrace which is perfect to rest the weary soul.

The Naturalist Bathroom

Walking from one villa to another is quite a chore. Each villa is separated in quite a distance to ensure privacy and for the resident to be well rested. No TV provided, which I think is not necessary. I would prefer to spend my stay here reading some books, or to write at the terrace, with the sound of flowing water from Tjampuhan river in the background.

The bedroom of one of the villa, with the lazy chair facing the forest and Tjampuhan River

After the 5th Villa, we arrive at 2-story building which host the main kitchen and the office. This building is also cleverly designed to make use the natural light as much as possible, and the natural wind to cool off. Made has prepared a cool ice mint refreshment drink for us after a long walk. We took a short break here before moving on to the next and final building, which host the common area.

The 2 Story Building that Host the Kitchen on the first floor, and the office on the 2nd Floor

“The common area can be transformed into the 6th villa, although it would be a bit smaller. When we host a wedding at the yard over there, the bride’s parent use this common room as bedroom, so they don’t need to walk too far”, Made told us. Under normal circumstances, like during our visit, the common room was full of sofa, books and game. The whole view reminds me of a backpacker hostel’s common room, in which the traveler can gather and share stories

The common room, full of sofas, books and games

We finally arrive at the exit, or as Made said, this one is actually the main entrance. It was made by tall bamboo trees, curved by its own weight, to form a gate. With a big thank you, we leave Made & Panchoran Retreat with a thought: maybe, when finally our soul is weary enough, we will come back and stay for few nights. But for today, we have more plans to go

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