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Getting Healthy at Komune Gianyar

Staying at Komune Resorts & Beach Lounge Gianyar, it is easy to get healthy. It is the matter of will instead of how.

My first choice of exercise is, of course, a morning run at the beach. Running is the simplest form of exercise, and running on the beach make it even simpler by not requiring any shoes.

Sunrise at Pantai Keramas
Catching the Power of Sunrise at Pantai Keramas, Gianyar, Bali

But, if running is not your cup of tea, Komune has a nice lap pool for exercise. Be careful though, since the lap pool also has a nice bed that make it more interesting to just lay around.

Lap Pool

Even if outdoor exercise is not for you, Komune Resort’s in-house gym offers the most complete hotel’s gym that I have found to date. It has a pull up bar, few sets of barbel, weight machines, and an Indo Board, something that I have never seen before.

Indo Board Balance Trainer

Once I done with the exercise, hunger will follow. Thankfully, Komune also cater for healthy foodie. Take a look at the selection of food at the pool. The menu is dominated with vegetarian food, some also  gluten-free food. I wish the food is also grown in organic farming within the complex.

Watch the video below for a complete tour of Komune Resorts Gianyar health facilities.

Komune Resorts Bali Room Tour

I love with the fact that all of the room at Komune Resorts & Beach Club Gianyar, Bali, are situated at ground floor. That means, there are no hassles to bring your luggage through stairs. And when you are traveling with a 3.5 years old kid, that means A LOT of luggage.

There are still one issue though. The walk to our room is a mix of lava rock and paving. The combination make the path uneven to easily stroll our luggage.

Our room consists of 3 separate area. The first area that greet us is the bedroom. The bed face a big glass door overlooking the garden. It is mostly dominated with blue colors from various hue. There is a sofa bed in the corner, which later become our favorite place to sit and relax, or simply play area for my son.

Sofa Bed at Komune

Behind the bed is 2 separate areas, one for toilet, and the other for shower area. The shower area was equipped with ceiling shower, again my favorite. Who doesn’t like to shower under the rain like our childhood time?

At the patio of the room, overlooking the garden, there are rack for those who bring their own surf board. The rack can fit few boards. Since we don’t surf, the rack end up to hang our wet clothes.

Glass, not PlasticOther standard amenities include soap, shampoo, body lotion, coffee, tea and drinking water. The drinking water is interesting, because rather than served with one-time use plastic bottle, we are served with glass bottles. A commitment to reduce plastic waste I assume.

Watch the video below for a tour of the room. Or, you can book a room via Agoda, or find more information at Komune Resort’s website

Komune Bali Room Tour

Hotel Review: Komune Resort & Beach Club Gianyar, Bali

I didn’t surf. Well, at least, I have learned how to surf, and able to stand for a couple of time, and decided that surfing is not my cup of tea. But if I surf and travel with my surf board everywhere in the world, I would be grateful and happy to find Komune Resort & Beach Club at one of the best surf spot in Gianyar, Bali.

Surf Board RackEach room in Komune Resort & Beach Club has its own surf board rack at the front, making it convenient to keep your surf board close and safe. And since all of the rooms are in the ground floor, there are no hassles to bring your surf board through stairs after a good morning or evening surf.

But, even if you don’t surf, Komune Resort & Beach Club is still a worthy place to spend a few nights at. I was traveling with my wife and 3.5 years old son, and there are enough stuff to entertain all of us for our 2 nights stay. The beach itself, swimming pool, fitness center that is the most complete that I found even compared to 5-star hotel, and a daily outdoor kids movie night to give chances for parents to eat in peace.

The downside? First, price. Komune Resort & Beach Club fall into a more expensive side of the range, although it won’t make you broke. The good thing is that, the food is reasonably priced compared to most other hotels. For the experience, I think it is still a good price to pay. The biggest downside for us is the location that is quite far from major crowd at Sanur/Ubud. Sanur will take around 15-20 minutes drive, and Ubud is even longer.

Komune Beach Lounge
The beach lounge, seaside pool, and beach, all in one place at Komune Resorts Gianyar, Bali

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay at Komune Resort & Beach Club Bali. Read my few next posts to find out more details on the room, facilities (Did I told you that the gym is the most complete one?), and how I think Komune Resort & Beach Club as one of the most serious supporter of green planet.

Or, book the hotel via this link, or the hotel’s website