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The Aura of Ubud: From Worry to Merry

“Today is Kuningan Holiday. All shops and restaurant are closed until tomorrow”, we heard a reply from our favorite restaurant in horror! We have to spend 48 hours with most of the shops closed. While still driving, we do hope that, once we get into Ubud, the mystical aura of Ubud will help to calm us down.

Ubud, around 90 minutes drive from Airport, is surrounded by rivers and hills. The rivers and hills probably took part in maintaining the calm mystical aura, originated from meditation of early days priest, and aura that attract and groomed by painters, artist, and writers who called Ubud their home.

With little option available at the local restaurant, we drive to Indus to spend the evening. We pick the terrace on the 2nd floor, with a view to the Ubud Hill. All is green, either by rice paddy or trees, and the cloudy sky just add to the mystical aura instead of destroying it. We can hear the voice of the river down below, and the birds high above us.

Our waitress confirm that most of the shop and restaurant is closed. “But only local-owned place that is closed. Most foreign restaurant are still open”. She then take our order, and we are back to day dreaming, swayed by the air of tranquility.

One our later, our worry dissipate, replaced by merry. After checking in at our Hotel, we walk along the Monkey Forest road. It was raining a bit on the evening, so the air is cold and humid. Some shop indeed close, but we still find much interesting shop open for business. We even have our dinners as planned, and enjoy the night with Blues song at the Jazz Cafe

Until today, I’m not sure if the air of Ubud can really change Worry to Merry. But it worked for us,and definitely worth another try someday.