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The Traveler Message Board

Traveler Message Board

There are something romantic looking at the message board, filled with letter, message or photo from traveler passing by. The photo above is from Betel Box Hostel, Singapore.

In the old days, during the early days of backpacking, this is the only way to communicate with fellow backpackers on the road. People would leave a message for their friends who was few days behind, note of interesting place to see, or danger to be avoided.

These kind of message boards have been mostly replaced by email and mobile phone. However, there are seems to be place who provide such message board like Betel Box, just for the romance, and for the sake of old days.

This photo is posted in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall. Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you. Also, read the full review of the place where this photo was taken, Betel Box Hostel

Running the Singapore East Coast Part

Stretching 15 km from Marina until close to the Changi Airport, Singapore East Coast Park is heaven for runners. Paved road runs parallel to the coast, one for runners, and another one shared between cyclist and roller-blade. The ocean surf at some part provide much better distraction than the music of my ipod. And the morning sun rays in between lush trees enough to keep me run on and on to complete my first half marathon.

From BetelBox Hostel to East Coast Park

My East Coast Park Singapore run started from BetelBox Hotel at 200 Joo Chiat Road, where we stayed the night before. “People normally started at 6-7am, just before they go to work”, Tony, the owner and innkeeper said the night before. A bit tired from last night venture, I woke up a bit late. Nevertheless, I decided to start the run, as I don’t have to go to work.

From BetelBox to Singapore East Coast Park is approximately 2 km away, along the still deserted Joo Chiat Road. Joo Chiat Road has a nice pacing for pedestrian, like any other road in Singapore. I passed people in running short, coming from the direction of East Coast Park. They must be the one that Tony mention: working people who do the morning jog, and now coming back to go to the office.

There are several hawker center that already open along the Joo Chiat Road. People in business suite are having breakfast, either with friends or reading the morning newspaper. At this stage, I’m tempted to just stop and having breakfast, but decided to continue the run.

Heading for Bedok Jetty

Bedok Jetty, one of the place for people to go fishing, was my planned turn around point. “It is clearly marked, total distance would be 15km”, Tony told me before I start.

The trail along the was very nice & smooth. To the right towards the ocean, there are few people camping. Some just woke up, do some stretching, and get prepared for the day. Also line up towards the coast is Barbecue Pit. My friend told me that Singapore East Coast Park is most favorite place to hang out with friends and setting up Barbecue. It is always packed with people on the weekend.

Weather was nice, with weak breeze of the wind. The big trees provide a nice coverage from the sun.

Bedok Jetty Onward

The sun is quite high when I reach Bedok Jetty. Few hundred meters before, I already considering whether to continue to run half marathon or turn back at Bedok Jetty, making a total of 15 km. Although my feet is still OK, my water supply is running low, thanks to the hot weather. And then come another realization.

Singapore tap water is drinkable. And along the trail, there are plenty of public toilet where you can have tap water from the wash basin. Stopping by at one of the toilet, I refill my drinking bottle, and make up my mind to continue the half marathon journey.

I reach the end of the road at National Sailing Club. Here, the trail for runners ends, and I share the same track with cyclist. Once in a while, I can hear airplane flying low to land at Changi Airport, a sign that I must be pretty close.

Not far from the golf course, my ipod beeps. It is 6.55 miles, half way of my half marathon. And here come the hardest part.

Going Back

It is true when they say that, going out is much easier than coming back. And it is true no matter if you climbing Mount Everest, or simply running a half marathon.

The sun is higher, and the weather has become much warmer. I have enough water to get to the nearest public toilet for refill, but would need more than that to run back: sport drink rich with sugar. A relieve come as the vending machine at National Sailing Club provides sport drinks. A relieve that doesn’t last long, since the machine only accept coins. Refilling my water bottle, I continued retracing my way back to Betel Box.

If one thing that raise my spirits is that, I’m not the only one running at the East Coast Park at this hour. There are quite a number of people running under the bright sun.

Finally, after 2 hours 44 mins after I started, I made it back to the familiar green door of BetelBox Hotel. It was a great run at Singapore East Coast part. I make a mental note to do the run next time with 2 notes: Start earlier, and bring some coins for the vending machine

Betel Box Hostel at Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

I fall in love with this place. We only stayed for merely 2 nights at Betel Box Hostel, Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. But it was love at first sight.

Checking In

“My name is Tony”, the guy behind the reception desk introduce himself. “Let me walk you around and tell you some rules.” Later we know from the news clip on the wall that, he is the proud founder and owner of Betel Box Hostel.

Tony has no problem finding our reservations, which we made through the website http://www.betelbox.com. Payment is made in advance. We are handed over our bed linen and walked to the room


We rented 2 beds in the 20 beds room. Aside from 20 beds, Betel Box also has 16 beds dorm, 8 beds female-only dorm and a 1 private bedroom for 2. All room is equipped with air con, and shared bathroom. Rates information is at their website: http://www.betelbox.com/hostel_rates.htm

Our 20 beds room has 10 double decker beds, 2 hot showers and 1 toilet to be shared among us. There is also a locker room for our luggage (Dimension: 1 feet width x 2 feet depth x 3 feet high). Either brings your own padlock or you can borrow one from the reception.

The room is not pristine clean, but decent enough. You will see a lot of large bag lying around near each bunk, and towels hanging everywhere. Remember to pack your own towel & toiletries.

The Communal Room

Next Tony took us back to the Communal Room, which also host the reception. I must say that, this room is the heart of Betel Box Hostel. It is where traveler meets & share stories over breakfast or can of beer at night.

Here, travelers also look for information through the extensive collection of history and guide books left by former guest. Or if you have your own laptop, wi-fi access is available free of charge.

Around The Hotel

The Joo Chiat road is lined with food and bar. The road to the south is lined with small artisan café, uniquely designed with colors, and serving handcrafted dishes and dessert. Another different food that you will find is hawker center and kopitiam. It would be nice to sit at one of these artisan café or kopitiam if we have more time to spare.

Nearest bus and MRT station is 15 minutes walk away on nice pedestrian walkway. It can be very hot during the day, bring an umbrella and put a lot of sun block.

For other place, ask the staff. They are very knowledgeable not only for places around the hotel, but also places further down the road, and will also help you for transportation.

The Betel Box Backpacker Hostel
200 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427471
Telephone: (65) 6247 7340
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.betelbox.com