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Shrine of Annai Velankani, Medan, Indonesia

If you’re looking for painted church similar like the one in Vatican, look no further. Prepare your backpack and go to Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Vailankanni is a small town in India, located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, around 150 miles south of Madras. Often spelled as Velankanni, it is believed that in this town, The Lady of Good Health did her mystical events.

The shrine of Annai Velankani was built in Medan, in the district of Sunggal. It was built by an Indian Priest, which explains the architecture of it. The building consists of 2 levels. The first level is a meeting place, and the main mass room is in 2nd level. In total, the church consists of 7 levels, making it looks like more to a Hindu temple than a Church.

Other than its unique shapes, another thing that makes this church a must-see is the decoration. Inside the mass room on 2nd level, there are statue of 12 apostles, attached to the pillar of the building. The ceiling is painted with teaching of God, which reminds us to the paintings in St. Peter basilica in Vatican, Rome. The ramp to 2nd floor is painted with the story of world creation from Genesis.

The person who decorates the Church is called Michelangelo of Medan by Jakarta Post. In the complex, there is a small park, dedicated to the late pope, St John Paul II.