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Novotel Surabaya: Breakfast at Janggala

Breakfast at Novotel Surabaya was served at Janggala Restaurant. The restaurant feels a bit too small to cater all of the staying guest. To be able to accommodate more guess, they also provide outdoor poolside table. I find it quite nice to have breakfast next to the pool.

Food served is standard American/European breakfast, such as salad, fried potato, sausage, fish manier, and croissant. Taste was OK, just a typical hotel breakfast.

Grace Breakfast Plate My Breakfast Plate

What I find is different from other Hotel Breakfast is the large selection of porridge. They serve 5 porridge: chicken porridge, plain porridge, black sticky rice, mung bean and bubur sumsum. Some is sweet, some is salty. Try them all for a nice variety of American Breakfast.

Selection of Porridge

Janggala also serve Opal Coffee, prepared with 2 Saeco Royal espresso machine. Having a proper cup of coffee is important for me, especially if I’m here for a business trip.

Saeco Royal Coffee MachineOne improvement that I feel will add more value is to change the juice with fresh juice. At the moment, Janggala still serve bottled juice. Fresh juice will definitely help to freshen the day of patrons

Juice BarBook Novotel for your next trip to Surabaya via Agoda. Or read the next part of our review about Novotel’s facilites, like swimming pool and gym