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Novotel Surabaya: Hotel’s Facilities

I love the swimming pool. And my son love the swimming pool too. The main pool is long enough to swim laps, and not so crowded in the evening. The swimming pool is definitely the main attraction in the morning, and especially in the evening

Main Swimming Pool
The main swimming pool. At the far end is Janggala’s outdoor table, with blue umbrella

Aside from the main pool, there are 2 other pool. The slide pool has a yellow slide hidden behind the rocks. And the other round pool is to cater for young kids.

Yellow Slide Kid's Pool

More importantly, all this pool is located in the middle of the hotel. It is nicely shaded from the sun with the large coconut trees and the hotel building itself, making it nice to swim as early as 3pm.

The gym, on the other hand, was rather disappointing. It is located at the corner of lobby to the apartment, sharing space with no divider wall. The equipment is rather old. Out of 3 treadmill, two of them had their elevation adjustment broken. I end up to lift some weight instead.

The Gym Broken Treadmill

At the back of the hotel, just in front of the lobby of the apartment, there are additional facilities for kids and adult. This part of Novotel Surabaya seems like a bit forgotten and lack of maintenance.

For kids, there are outdoor children playground. Nearby the playground is a cage which host some rabbits. My son love rabbits, especially the part of feeding them. I’m not sure if you are allowed to feed the rabbit. Even if it is OK, you need to grab your own carrots.

Children PlaygroundNext to the playground is entertainment for adult. There are 2 tennis court sharing same space with a basketball ring. Unfortunately, the tennis court looks abandoned. One of them don’t even have a nett

Worn Out Tennis CourtBook Novotel for your next trip to Surabaya via Agoda. There are more picture of Novotel Surabaya in our flickr page.

Novotel Surabaya: Breakfast at Janggala

Breakfast at Novotel Surabaya was served at Janggala Restaurant. The restaurant feels a bit too small to cater all of the staying guest. To be able to accommodate more guess, they also provide outdoor poolside table. I find it quite nice to have breakfast next to the pool.

Food served is standard American/European breakfast, such as salad, fried potato, sausage, fish manier, and croissant. Taste was OK, just a typical hotel breakfast.

Grace Breakfast Plate My Breakfast Plate

What I find is different from other Hotel Breakfast is the large selection of porridge. They serve 5 porridge: chicken porridge, plain porridge, black sticky rice, mung bean and bubur sumsum. Some is sweet, some is salty. Try them all for a nice variety of American Breakfast.

Selection of Porridge

Janggala also serve Opal Coffee, prepared with 2 Saeco Royal espresso machine. Having a proper cup of coffee is important for me, especially if I’m here for a business trip.

Saeco Royal Coffee MachineOne improvement that I feel will add more value is to change the juice with fresh juice. At the moment, Janggala still serve bottled juice. Fresh juice will definitely help to freshen the day of patrons

Juice BarBook Novotel for your next trip to Surabaya via Agoda. Or read the next part of our review about Novotel’s facilites, like swimming pool and gym

Novotel Surabaya: Superior Room with Pool Terrace

For the pleasure of our son, we book the superioir room with pool terrace. Our room is on the ground floor, with a door leading directly to the courtyard and swimming pool. Novotel should have equipped the terrace with chair to have coffee or tea in the evening.

Novotel Surabaya’s room definitely feel new. The new room is dominated with light brown wood color on the cupboard, headboard and working table. There are some traces of the old room, such as the lock of our room’s second door to the garden, and the analog air con control.

King Size BedOne thing for sure, the room is very spacious for us. In addition to king size bed, side table and working desk, the room is also equipped with sofa bed. We have plenty of space to put our stuff, and also to spread out Ethan’s Lego

See-through Bathroom
See-through bathroom might not be to everyone’s like

There are no bath tub in the bathroom. Instead, the bathroom has a hand shower and ceiling shower. I love the ceiling shower. It is as if you are showering under the rain. There are also fresh Sedap Malam flower that emanate fresh floral smell up to our third day of stay. This natural smell was definitely much appreciated than chemical air freshener

Superior's Bathroom

A working desk is provided for business travelers who need to work with their laptop during their stay. It has 2 power plug, one of them is 3-pronged Singapore-style plug. Internet is provided via wi-fi around the hotel, including room. For non business traveler like us, we just simply use it to put our stuff, and eating our lunch ordered from room service

Working Area

Other amenities of the room include minibar, safe deposit box and coffee making equipment.

Like this room? Hurry to book Novotel for your next trip to Surabaya via Agoda. Or read the next part of our review about Novotel’s breakfast at Janggala Restaurant

Novotel Surabaya: Hotel Review

When our son’s 3rd birthday approaching, we decided that we would like to pamper him at a nice hotel. At least, we think, we want to spend his birthday at a hotel with swimming pool, and a garden where he can play.

Our choice falls to Hotel Novotel Surabaya. It has a big garden, and several swimming pool. We even book ourself on their superior room with pool terrace. It is slightly more expensive, but we think that having a direct access to swimming pool from our pool will be worth it.

Kid's PoolThis review is divided into several parts for easy reading. In any case, if you would like to see the pictures instead of reading the review, head on to our flickr page for Novotel Surabaya.