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Hotel Review: My Dream Hotel (My Hotel), Medan

In our 3 days trip to Medan to attend a wedding, we were staying at My Dream Hotel at Jalan Surabaya. My Dream Hotel is less than 1 year old, geared towards business traveler with minimal but decent amenities.

Its location in the downtown made it easier for us to travel to our friend’s wedding, and a street lined with hawker center right in front of the hotel made it convenient to eat during the night.

My Dream Hotel also offer a cheap affordable rate, which certainly suite any budget independent traveler traveling to Medan

Hotel Overview

The hotel have 2 entrance. Main entrance face Jalan Surabaya, and the alternate entrance face Jalan Selat Panjang, through My Cafe restaurant. At the lobby, the bright orange-colored furniture stand in contrast of black-dominated finish.

Waiting at the lobby is not an issue. The lobby is equipped with free wireless internet. Although it only have one PC, you can bring your own mobile device with wireless internet to get connected to the internet.

Next to the main entrance, there are a 24-hour convenience store. The store should fulfill your daily needs during your stay

There are no swimming pool and other facilities for kids

Room Overview

My first impression of room is that My Dream Hotel is more appropriate for business than pleasure. The room ambiance is set in high contrast by dark floor tiling combined with white wall and light. Two single bed are laid side-by-side. A corner table is put in between, and on each side of the bed.

Across the bed a 32″ LCD TV hanged on a white wall. The TV is the only object on the wall, giving a very clean minimalist look.

My Dream Hotel room has a free mobile broadband service, using Ethernet cable provided in the room.

Coffee and tea making facility is also available in the room. Tap water is drinkable after boiling. You can also boil the bottled water, provided daily as complimentary. Extra would cost Rp. 10.000. There are a mini market at the lobby, from which you can buy the 1.5 liter bottled water for 1/3 of the price

Selections of TV channels is limited to local TV, Channel News Asia, and a TV channel from Cambodia that mainly show video clips. This might be an issue for business traveler, but for leisure trip like us, we will mostly spend our time out of the Hotel.

The only problem for me is the room only have 1 power outlet available. Even though I’m not traveling with laptop, I’m taking camera, ipod and mobile phones, which need to be charged. I need to remember average time of charging for my mobile phone, and switch to my ipod to effectively use the power outlet.

In the bathroom, a 2-in-1 soap and shampoo dispenser is provided. There are no bathtub, instead you have to use the shower. Hot water is available.

Place of Interest Around the Hotel

The reason I’m also recommending My Dream Hotel for independent traveler is the location. The back door of My Dream Hotel leads to Jalan Selat Panjang, the most famous culinary street in Medan. Jalan Selat Panjang would never short of food to satisfy your taste bud

A short walk away to the next intersection is Jalan Semarang, another culinary street of Medan. Different from Jalan Selat Panjang, in Jalan Semarang you will find extreme food that you will mostly see in Fear Factor TV show, such as Lizard, Bat, or even Cobra.

For slightly further away, you can ask the reception to order a taxi. Blue Bird group, the most recommended Taxi company in Jakarta for safety of passenger, has operate in Medan. For some experience (and cheaper option too), try to hail a bentor (stands for Becak Bermotor, a rickshaw with engine). Mention your destination and bargain. Destination around the city should be no more than Rp. 10.000.


My Dream Hotel can be booked directly or through Agoda. Their website does not provide reservations, so if you choose to book direct, you will have to call them. Booking can also be made from the website and phone.

The rate in Agoda does not include any breakfast, but since Jalan Selat Panjang is at your doorstep, who need breakfast in the Hotel?

My Dream Hotel Medan
Jl. Surabaya 88. Medan
Phone: 62.61.410 77777
Fax: 62.61.452 0505
Email: [email protected]

See other photo of the hotel at my picasa photo album

Stayed here before? We would like to hear your opinion.

Shrine of Annai Velankani, Medan, Indonesia

If you’re looking for painted church similar like the one in Vatican, look no further. Prepare your backpack and go to Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Vailankanni is a small town in India, located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, around 150 miles south of Madras. Often spelled as Velankanni, it is believed that in this town, The Lady of Good Health did her mystical events.

The shrine of Annai Velankani was built in Medan, in the district of Sunggal. It was built by an Indian Priest, which explains the architecture of it. The building consists of 2 levels. The first level is a meeting place, and the main mass room is in 2nd level. In total, the church consists of 7 levels, making it looks like more to a Hindu temple than a Church.

Other than its unique shapes, another thing that makes this church a must-see is the decoration. Inside the mass room on 2nd level, there are statue of 12 apostles, attached to the pillar of the building. The ceiling is painted with teaching of God, which reminds us to the paintings in St. Peter basilica in Vatican, Rome. The ramp to 2nd floor is painted with the story of world creation from Genesis.

The person who decorates the Church is called Michelangelo of Medan by Jakarta Post. In the complex, there is a small park, dedicated to the late pope, St John Paul II.