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Nian Gao

In Indonesia, it is known as kue keranjang, as in the old days, it was sold in a basket. The real Chinese Name is Nian Gao. And as with other Chinese name, there are a lot of meaning behind the name of this delicacies.

Nian Gao

The pronunciation of the word “Nian” is very close with the word “Nien”, which means Year. And the word “Gao”, depends on how it is said, can mean cake or high. “Nian Gao” therefore can be correlated with the meaning Year High, to wish someone to reach higher in the coming year.

The packaging of the cake itself is often decorated with good words, such as in the picture above. The common words used to decorate the cake is longevity, luck, prosperity, and many more.

During my childhood, my mom used to steam Nian Gao until it is soft, and then we will eat with shredded coconut. Another popular way to eat it is to deep fried Nian Gao with flour. Nian Gao taste quite sweet, and can be preserved for months by keeping it in refrigerator.

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Street Collage

It seems that business owner in Jakarta just can’t leave a pole clean. They will stick ads for their business on the pole. Most that I can find in today’s morning run is toilet cleaning and house for sale.

Pole Ads

There are also ads for English language, with a mention that it will be taught by a Bule (local term for foreigner from the west with white skin and golden hair). And if you need to run a child’s birthday party, you can also get a Badut (Clown).

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Keraton (Palace) Ratu Boko

One of the mystery of Central Java that is still remain unsolved today is Keraton Ratu Boko (Keraton = Palace) in Sleman, Yogyakarta. In fact, it is also still being disputed whether this place was used as palace. Some disputed that this place was for rest and recreation for royal families and friend, or even a monastery.

It was estimated that this palace (or monastery) was built in 8th century. When it was found inĀ  18th century, nature has take its part on the palace, and the palace was left in ruins.

The Main Gate of Ratu Boko

The picture above shows what is left from the main gate. I was standing inside the palace when taking the picture. The wall that surrounds the main building was no more.

Lies in ruins

Big boulders scattered around Ratu Boko area. Experts are still studying this place to determine to which part of Ratu Boko Palace does these boulders belong.

Royal Swimming Pool

This place was the pool in the bathing room. It was suspected that this is the place for the concubines to take a bath, and where the King will pleasure himself.

Wall of the Bedroom

Perhaps, the most well-preserved structure in this complex is the Pendopo, or meeting room. Pendopo lies behind this wall, through the small entrance. The room itself is also pretty much well preserved.

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Go (Glamorous) Camping

Let’s put it this way: I’m not a big fans of camping. Too much hassles of building the tent, taking gas stove and all canned food, cooking utensils. And most of all, to have less decent toilet. That’s why, when my son want to go camping, I only have one condition: I will only going to do Glamorous Camping, or more commonly known as Glamping.

Uniform Tent
Camping site at Tanakita, at the foot of Mount Gede, Sukabumi, Indonesia

In Glamorous Camping, the campsite owner basically take care of your needs, from food, building and tearing down the tent, and setting up the bonfire. All you need to do is bring yourself, and some personal stuff like soap and medication. Don’t forget to bring some marshmallow too.

At the Raft's End
Bamboo Raft at Lake Situgunung, Sukabumi, Indonesia

To be honest, this camping trip is the first in the last 22 years. I kind of enjoy the camping trip. I enjoyed sleeping in nature, with nature’s sound instead of Air Conditioner, wake up early watching the sunrise in the fresh cool mountain air, and the morning hiking to the most secluded beautiful place accessible only by foot. And Glamorous Camping site provide just what I need to go back to nature

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