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Impression West Lake Show, Hangzhou, China

Can human really walk over a body of water? At least, that is what being shown at The Impression West Lake performance show in Hangzhou, China

Can We Walk On Water?

The Impression West Lake show take place outdoor, at the most romanticized West Lake of Hangzhou, China. If you happen to be in Hangzhou, it is a must watch performance show, a work of famous ChineseĀ  Film Director Zhang Yimao, with music from the Japanese new age musician Kitaro. Expect a lot of drum beat.

To go there, taxi will be your best bet. Ticket can be purchased on the spot for most of the time. There are also many arranged tour that take care of transportation as well as purchasing tickets.

Oh, and if you don’t speak Chinese, don’t worry. There are no dialogs in the show. To help you understand the show, I would recommend you to read the legend of Hangzhou’s West Lake.

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