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Tourists travel in a confined comfortable bus that seclude them from their surrounding. They stays in comfortable hotels that also seclude them from the locals. They eat food that they know. They go where other tourist go, not really relate with the locals. They have “been there” instead of “being there”, because what they are trying to do is to “re-create home” in some other place they visit.

On the other end of the spectrum are backpackers. They are often associated with “cheap travel”, traveling with the objective of spending less money. They are walk with a guide book, dirty, skinny and smelly. Everything in a travel must be measured in money. Less money spent, the better a trip will.

Can’t we find something in between?

Sunsetmood would like to encourage people to really travel, leaving all the familiar things at home behind. Besides, that is the purpose of travel, to try and experience new things, getting new perspective by seeing things differently.

We in Sunsetmood travels not to save money. Whenever we feels that something worth the experience, value and purpose, we will gladly pay for it.

We call ourself independent travelers. And this blog is our story to get people to travel and experience new things.

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Not a Tourist, Not a Backpacker

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