Q&A: Maximum ATM Withdrawal in Indonesia

Q: How much money can I withdraw from ATM Machine in Indonesia? Is there any limit of money that can be withdrawn per day, or per transaction?

A: I have checked with 2 banks in Indonesia: BCA as the largest private bank, and HSBC Indonesia. Both give the same answer: The maximum withdrawal limit per day is set by the bank issuing ATM card, not the bank operating the ATM machine.

However, there are limit on amount of withdrawal per transaction. The limit depends on the denomination used by the ATM machine. Most ATM machine in Indonesia will only issue maximum of 25 sheets of bank notes. So, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM machine are as follow:

  1. For ATM Machine that use Rp. 20.000 denomination, maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction is 20.000 x 25 = Rp. 500.000. I almost never see ATM machine that use 20.000 bank notes in big city, but they might be around in smaller village.
  2. For ATM Machine that use Rp. 50.000 denomination, maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction is 50.000 x 25 = Rp. 1.250.000.
  3. For ATM Machine that use Rp. 100.000 denomination, maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction is 100.000 x 25 = Rp. 2.500.000.

As most bank charge withdrawal from foreign ATM per transaction, you might want to find ATM machine that use biggest denomination to be able to withdraw maximum amount of money in single transaction.

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  1. Some banks’ ATMs will dispense 3 million (30 notes x Rp.100,000) per transaction, namely:

    – CIMB. Absolutely all their ATMs with “Rp.100000” sticker will dispense Rp.3M, and locating the one nearest to my next place of stay was kind of a routine for me since 2010 (have been in Indonesia for almost 2 years from that time till now), as they are the most common from this list.

    – bii (now bii / Maybank). Same as above, though it could be a case or two a few years ago (in Jakarta I believe) when their ATM offered me a lower limit like 2 million.

    – Permata Bank. At least two I’ve used more than once in Jakarta last winter, then on Bali this February to June, definitely did the trick.

    – Citibank. One near McD in Jimbaran was the nearest “3 million ATM” to my residence this year, so I can say definitely it works too.

    Most other banks having “Rp.100,000” sticker will dispense 2,5 million (ubiquitous Mandiri, in particular), or at least 2 million.

    I ever took 4 million at once from the Commonwealth Bank ATM in Ubud. However, a year later or so, again in Bali, they tried to charge me with Rp.40,000 foreign card transaction fee – I read some Visas are exempt from that, but both mine weren’t. Anyway, most of my (typically) 5-8 cards happen to be Mastercards (purely for economic reasons), and I never found them in Jakarta where I spend much more time than in Bali, so never tried since then.

  2. I was just at the main office of HSBC at WTC in Jakarta. Limit per transaction is 3.000.000, limit per day 10.000.000. I tried, it works. Btw: there was HSBC atm also at airport arrival with the same transaction limit of 3.000.000.

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