Bangka Food: Jalan Kampung Bintang, Pangkal Pinang

The stretch of road of Kampung Bintang at Pangkal Pinang, the capital of Bangka-Belitung Province of Indonesia, has the food for both newcomer as well as those who simply love to eat Bangka food. There are various stall that is open for breakfast up to 11 am, snacks, and dinner. Here is our recommendation that we happen to try.
Map of Jalan Kampung Bintang, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Island. Click for bigger image

Breakfast: Good Kweetiau

I didn’t recall that this place has any name, or I simply to indulge by the kweetiau. The stall is located at a terrace of a house, where the pan, wok and long table is placed for patron to eat. The kweetiau is a bit moist, contrary to my favorite fried kweetiau that is dry. However, it has a strong smoky taste to my delight. So good that I end up ordering a 2nd serving. And my 1 year old son love it too!
Good Kwetiau place that need no name

Snacks: Bakpau Abun

At glance, the Bakpau can be easily overlooked. We spot this place on our way the day before, and buy 1 of each bakpau as trial: Pork, Crushed Peanuts and Beans. Happy with all of them, we bought 5 each for our snacks on our way from Pangkal Pinang to Belinyu.

Bakpau Abun, easily overlooked if you are not paying attention

Dinner: Asui Seafood Restaurant

One of the most well-known Bangka Food is Seafood, and no trip to Bangka island is complete without savoring the seafood at the original place. If you plan to go to Sungailiat, some 45 minutes to the north, I would recommend New Raja Laut. Otherwise, seafood Asui is still good to satisfy your taste bud

Various Photo at RM Seafood Asui

Snacks: Otak-otak Ase

Before you left and call it a day, stop at this place to complete your dining. Otak-otak Ase serve traditional Bangka fish cake in small bite size, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. It s bite size makes it easy for you to eat more than you plan. They also serve other snacks made from fish, but usually, the fish cake will finish first.

Otak-otak Ase. From Left closckwise: grilling the otak-otak, steamed version, and grilled version ready to eat

On your way back, right across the street from Otak-otak Ase, there are a cart that sell liang teh, a traditional Chinese Tea herb. There are hot and cold, sweet and bitter. My preference is the hot bitter tea, which complete my food journey at Jalan Kampung Bintang Bangka that night,

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