7 Things To Do To Make Business Travel Less Boring

Business Travel, or traveling for business, demand a different way of traveling. You need to maintain your stamina and focus during the trip to deliver that important presentation to some VIP customer, or doing a business critical task. Some restriction would be necessary, such as night hour and limited activity, which can sometime make business trip boring.

However, still there are lots of stuff to do without jeopardizing that important presentation for the VIP customer. Try these thing that I do during my 11 years of traveling for business.

Business Travel Tip 1: Take The Public Transport

Instead of secluding yourself in a taxi, try to blend with local by using train or bus. This assume that the mass transit is safe enough for foreigner. In Bangkok, for example, the BTS and subway is safe enough, but not the bus.

Experience of using public transport would never be the same from day to day. You got to see different people in the train, as well as when walking to the train station or bus stop. In Bangkok, I took a chance to try some local street food for breakfast and dinner on the way to and from the train station.

Business Travel Tip 2: Eat Where the Local Eat

It is no secret that the best and most authentic local food is where the local eat. Those restaurant selling Pad Thai packed with foreigner would definitely has the taste altered to suit foreigner.

Do this one with caution.If you allergic to some food, make sure you know what you eat. Some local food can also irritate your stomach. Last thing you want is to deliver the presentation with stomach cramp. Research your food or play safe and avoid it altogether.

Street food in Bangkok, near Mo Chit Station

Business Travel Tip 3: Visit Public Park

Public park is another place to see and meet locals. Speaking of variety, each day would never be the same. Plus the fresh air and the green will definitely refresh you.

In one of my business travel to Hongkong, I went to Victoria Park, the largest park in Hongkong. It was near the end of Hongkong winter, but the weather is cold and windy as usual. I don my jacket and running shoes, and manage to run several laps, saying “hi” as I pass locals and fellow foreigners.

Singapore East Coast Park, the biggest park in Singapore, and best place to visit during your business trip

Business Travel Tip 4: Exercise, Get Active

At home or abroad, I find that exercise helps a lot to reduce stress and boredom. I tried to squeeze in few minutes to exercise during business travel, especially for a longer trip. At best, it will be running in the park like what I did in Hongkong. At worst, gym and swimming pool at the Hotel will do just fine.

After eating so many nice food in Singapore, I spend a Saturday morning swimming at Le Meridian’s Swimming Pool. It wasn’t as big as a lap pool, but good enough for the 2 weeks trip.

Business Travel Tip 5: Travel Somewhere Else

If you have a whole weekend during your business travel, it would be a good idea to travel to nearby city or county. It offers you a new scenery and experience, and would be cheaper than traveling from your hometown.

I negotiated with my office during my 2 weeks trip to Hongkong to agree to pay either weekend hotel in Hongkong or Macau, but not both. I choose Macau. Leaving my luggage at a friend’s apartment, we leave early Saturday morning, do some gambling at fascinating Macau’s casino, and back to Hongkong on Sunday evening, refreshed for the week ahead.

A weekend trip to Macau duringmy 2 weeks Hongkong trip

Business Travel Tip 6: Move to Another Hotel

Sometimes, as simple as moving to another Hotel would help to ease the boredom. The new hotel will offer you a new surrounding to explore, and new food to try.

When I return from Macau during my trip to Hongkong, again, I negotiate with my office to move to another hotel. They agree, and I have even more fun week trying new food.

Business Travel Tip 7: Cook Your Own Meals

As crazy as it may sound, and with so many nice food in Bangkok, this is my ultimate activity to avoid boredom in business travel. I was booked at a service apartment, complete with the kitchen and utensils. I bought a ready-to-cook Pad Thai, some eggs and chicken, and cook for the dinner. Granted, it wasn’t as great as the street food version, but better than I expect

Have you traveled for business? Have you ever feel bored? Share your tips to reduce the boredom below, or at my twitter @sunsetmojo


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