I’d Rather Be…. Outdoor

This weekend is not a weekend I would celebrate. I was sick, and in a way, I have to admit that it was my wrongdoing. I have been working day and night in the last couple of week. And during weekends in the last few weeks, I spent my time being outdoor with my son. We swim, golf, and play.

So, sick and home-bound, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing right now: Being Outdoor. Yes, I love outdoor, and being outdoor itself provides relive to the sore body. Here is some activity that I enjoyed while outdoor

Growing Vegetables

The Roof Top Garden
I have a small hydroponic garden at the terrace of my home, where I grow various vegetables, such as Pak Choy, Lettuce and Chili. It is a bit abandoned at the moment, due to leakage. It should be a priority to fix it once I’m feeling well.


Bridge Stampede
Some people like to mock me by saying “you are running away from your problem.” That is kind of true though, except that after the run, I gained some vigor to deal with the problem. No, I’m not outrunning the problem. I run to gain energy to deal with the problem.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving for me is the ultimate adventure. It is going where a man shouldn’t belong to, but somehow manage to go to appreciate the creation of God. It is calming enough to be at the ocean, but being underwater, it is the ultimate meditation

Drinking Coffee

Aeropress Everywhere
Or, if everything else is too much to ask in such busy time, just sipping a cup of coffee outdoor will be enough.

So, where or what you rather be doing?

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Hotel Review: Grand Central Singapore

Finding a Hotel in Singapore is never been an easy affair. Well, unless you have the money to spend, of course. Otherwise, you will be stuck either with small dirty room, location that is far away from city center, or maybe with both.

We were lucky to find Hotel Grand Central, which are neither has dirty room, nor far from city center. Hotel Grand Central is located right behind Concorde Hotel Singapore, just next to the The Istana, official residence of the President of Singapore. It cannot get more closer to the center of Singapore.

The only concern that we have were the rows of KTV and bar lining up just behind the main reception. We were worried that the noise will disrupt our sleep, or worse, our 6 years old boy. It turns out to be untrue. There are no audible sounds as we slept at our 8th floor room.

So, without further ado, lets explore more of Hotel Grand Central.


As mentioned above, the room of Hotel Grand Central is pretty spacious. The bed can conveniently cater for 2 adults and 1 young kid. Each side of the bed has a sidelamp which bright enough to illuminate the room

Bed and Lamp

Room Amenities

Across the bed, there are a desk, with at TV on the wall. The TV didn’t have so much channel. Forget HBO, AXN, Cartoon Network, and any other entertainment channel. The channel on the TV is mostly related to news. However, what it lacks in channels was made up with the ability to access Youtube directly from the TV, using the remote control.


Next to the table is the space to put your luggage, and a coffee maker table. This is where things get interesting. Instead of serving complimentary drinking water in plastic bottle, Hotel Grand Central use central drinking water, which is distributed through a panel on the wall right above the coffee making facilities. The water panel are able to dispense hot water, warm water, or cold water. The hot water button is even equipped with child-safe feature. But it is the cold water that is most appreciated in Singapore’s sunny day.

Water Dispenser


One thing that worth to highlight for the en-suite bathroom of Hotel Grand Central Singapore is steel handlebar to help those who has trouble walking or standing. Not only 1, but 2. There are 1 handlebar for the shower area, and another one next to the toilet. These handlebar can be folded to give more space in the bathroom.

Ready for Those in Needs

Aside from the handlebar, the bathroom is equipped with standard amenities like soap, shampoo and hot water. There are no bath tub in the bathroom. However, it has a ceiling shower, my favorite.

Around the Hotel

Our room rate didn’t include breakfast, as we think that the proximity to Orchard Road will allow us to get some food. We are correct. Just across the street, next to Concorde Hotel, there are stalls selling Noodles and Hainamese Rice in the morning.

There are also convenience store located at the corner of Orchard Road, should you need to buy any daily needs. And if you plan to go somewhere further, there are also bus station nearby. As for the train, Somerset MRT station insite Orchard Central is 5 minutes walk away.

Conclusion: A Hotel worth the Price

We were traveling with a young boy, so we are willing to pay a bit more to make sure me, my wife and our son got a good night sleep. For the price of around 110 USD, I think Hotel Grand Central is worth the price. For comparison, a 3-stars hotel in Singapore might charged as much, mostly with smaller room.

There are also swimming pool and gym, which we didn’t have time to use. Again, comparing to other 3-stars hotel, without swimming pool, that charged as much, Hotel Grand Central stands on the top.

Hotel Grand Central can be booked through Agoda.

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If Mars has Water

I was strolling in the evening along the coast of Gianyar, Bali. It was low tide, and the coast was quite different compared to high tide time. During low tide, the rocks protrude from the surface of the water. To add to the surreal view near sunset, the rocks was topped by green algae.

Water on Mars

I played around with the tone of the photo at home, which results in the photo above. If Planet Mars has water, I think the photo on the Mars’ surface will be similar like the photo above.

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Nian Gao

In Indonesia, it is known as kue keranjang, as in the old days, it was sold in a basket. The real Chinese Name is Nian Gao. And as with other Chinese name, there are a lot of meaning behind the name of this delicacies.

Nian Gao

The pronunciation of the word “Nian” is very close with the word “Nien”, which means Year. And the word “Gao”, depends on how it is said, can mean cake or high. “Nian Gao” therefore can be correlated with the meaning Year High, to wish someone to reach higher in the coming year.

The packaging of the cake itself is often decorated with good words, such as in the picture above. The common words used to decorate the cake is longevity, luck, prosperity, and many more.

During my childhood, my mom used to steam Nian Gao until it is soft, and then we will eat with shredded coconut. Another popular way to eat it is to deep fried Nian Gao with flour. Nian Gao taste quite sweet, and can be preserved for months by keeping it in refrigerator.

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